Audit Process

CIA Congress

Although every audit assignment is unique, the audit process is similar and usually consists of four stages. The objective is to perform the audit efficiently and effectively, minimizing disagreement between audit staff and their client and also reduce to the barest minimum the disruption of their routine jobs.


Preliminary Review

In the preliminary review stage, the Provost, Dean and Director responsible for managing the College or the Unit is notified before the audit begins. An opening conference is held to define the scope of the audit and identify any areas of concern noted by the audit client.  Unannounced audits are initiated where appropriate.


The fieldwork phase consists of collecting, documenting, analyzing and interpreting policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are externally validated and verified within the organizational unit through the review of departmental records and additional interviews.


Closing Meeting

At the conclusion of fieldwork, Internal Audit will meet with management to discuss the audit observations. The most important aspect of this meeting is that the auditor and client achieve a consensus regarding the accuracy of the audit observations and facts pertaining to the data.


Final Report

The final audit report, including observations, recommendations, and management response, will be given to the Vice Chancellor and copies given to audit client.

Audit Follow-Up

After approximately six months of the final report issuance, Internal Audit will perform a follow-up review to verify if the recommendations included in the final report have been implemented.

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